Kathy on Sierra Pack Trip

Dear Frontier Pack Train,
Just wanted to drop you a note regarding my experience on the recent “Teeters Party Trek.”

Yosemite Pack Train TripAs someone who is not a trekker, I want to complement FTP on providing such a competent crew for our subgroup of eight on the trek from Twin Lakes to Tuolumne Meadows. I know that all twenty of the total group had an excellent experience but special kudos go to the three who supported our group: Duncan, Warren and Sam. The caliber of each was highest with respect to quality of carrying out their responsibilities, relationships with each of us, and lending an extra hand when needed. It was delightful getting to know them at the end of the day campfires…their presence made for interesting discussions and learning about their backgrounds and experiences gave an added personal touch which was much appreciated. Sam did a magnificent job of running the kitchen and cooking outstanding meals. From “first breakfast” before sunrise to “last coffee call” after dark, she was ‘on it’ including personal service for deserts around the campfire. Congratulations to you on providing us with first-class people and a first-class trekking experience.
I will not hesitate to describe to others about the beauty of the hike and the outstanding support of Frontier Pack Train.

Best regards,
Norm Budman

Cindy on a high sierra pack trip

Hey! This is me!!! Having another great experience on one of your trips!!! Especially with Bear

To Would-Be Trekkers,
I recently organized two parties of 20 friends to complete a stunning 50-mile trek through North Yosemite, including a mind-boggling stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail. Frontier Pack Train customized the trip for people that ranged in age from 9 to 74, half of us over 60, and only four with previous trekking experience. There were spare horses available for any “casualties”, two of which were used by the “lucky” kids who developed blisters. They modified meal selections for both vegetarian and kosher concerns, serving two different lasagnas, etc.. In a number of ways they made sure we successfully managed the rigors of hiking 7 to 10 miles per day through elevation changes over 2500 feet. The crew of 3 struck a very professional balance between engaging in our conversations and leaving us to our personal interests, letting our daughters “hang in the kitchen” during preparation of dinner, declining our offers of beer, bathing downstream from our swimming holes, lighting warm campfires by 5:30 AM for early risers like me, and being especially attentive to the safety of our kids.

We finished four days ago and my shins are still recovering, but this is a wilderness experience worth the cost.
Just a note – I’ve now done four trips with Frontier Pack Train over the past eight years. No reservations.

David Teeters
Alameda, CA

Horseback Riding Easter Sierra….in the high sierras of the yosemite wilderness with FPT. good,
tasty, hearty food, lovingly prepared for us each day; friendly,
helpful & handsome young cowboys; sweet mules & horses to carry all of
our stuff; comfortable tents & latrine provided….what a spectacular
trip!! can’t recommend FPT enough for the over 50 crowd who wants to
hike with some help with all the gear!….thanks again dave & kent &
scott & sam & chad & warren & duncan!!
…..pam & al wunderlich

Michelle Gamble: Frontier Pack Train is awesome. Great people, fun horses, and amazing food! And the scenery along the way is spectacular!

California Sierra Horse and Mule Drive